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The MOBIOLA brand originated in Spain. Later, it entered the market in the Czech and Slovak Republics through local distribution. In 2016, the MOBIOLA brand came under the ownership of Slovak owners. Us.

The company's headquarters are in Ostrava, and since 2019, we also have a branch in Žilina, Slovakia. MOBIOLA is currently a local Czech-Slovak brand, operating in multiple European countries.

Our products

At MOBIOLA, we respond to technological progress, and in our section of smart products, we strive to provide people with current solutions at reasonable prices.

However, we also see the other side of the coin. We have an infinite number of ways to connect with another person. We communicate through text, emoticons, or selfies. We waste time watching the lives of others and forget about our own. We become targets for various cyber attacks. Humanity and the fundamental meaning of communication are fading away.

For people and moments that matter

At MOBIOLA, people come first. We listen to the needs of society and our customers, and therefore, we tailor the development of our communication devices accordingly.

We offer quality, simple, and practical communication devices at an affordable price. Thanks to them, you can detach yourself from the inauthentic world of 24/7 connectivity, while still staying in human contact and having a sense of control in this complex world.


Mobiola worldwide s.r.o.

Českobratrská 692/15
702 00 Ostrava
Czech Republic

IČO: 06490557
DIČ: CZ06490557

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