Warranty conditions

For your security, here you will find comprehensible warranty terms, which will help you resolve your potential complaint more quickly.

Warranty conditions Mobiola


If all warranty conditions have been met and the product has been sold to the end buyer (consumer) on the territory of the Czech Republic within 6 months of delivery of the product to ENKAMP Shop s.r.o. (hereinafter referred to as “Mobiola”), Mobiola assumes a 24-month warranty in accordance with the provisions of the Civil Code. For selected products, Mobiola provides a guarantee with a warranty period extended to a total length of 36 months; only products which are expressly stated to be covered by a warranty with an extended warranty period are considered to be the products selected. Mobiola assumes the warranty in the extent of which it was provided by the seller, but not beyond the scope of the warranty provided for by the applicable legal provisions, unless expressly stated in these warranty terms. The warranty period starts running from the date of sale of the product. The warranty period does not include the time from the claim until the buyer is obliged to take over the product after the repair is complete.
Claims can be claimed from the seller where the product was purchased or from an authorized service organization (hereinafter referred to as “Authorized Service”). In case of an authorized service, claims are made by submitting a duly completed warranty card and original proof of purchase of the product (receipt) with product type designation and sales date. Photocopy of warranty or product purchase documents, documents not filled in, modified, altered or damaged will not be considered as proof of the merits of the Mobiola warranty. Authorized service can be found at the internet address, customer line, or at the seller. Authorized service is the subject of warranty repairs. The seller or authorized service where the claim is claimed is not obliged to accept a product for the settlement of the claim, unless the buyer submits it with all the necessary parts and accessories.
Product defect, which can be removed quickly and without any consequences, will be removed by repair or replacement of the part of the product if necessary; in this case, due to the nature of the defect, it is disproportionate to exchange the whole product. In case of a discrepancy with the sales contract caused by information not provided by Mobiola, Mobiola will not assume the warranty obligations arising from such a conflict with the sales contract. The purchaser claiming the claim does not get a claim to the parts of the product that have been exchanged. Upon withdrawal from the purchase contract, the buyer is obliged to return the complete product to the seller (including all supplied accessories and components), the warranty card and the appropriate packaging. The provision of the guarantee is without prejudice to the buyer’s rights to the purchase of the item in accordance with special legal regulations.

The warranty does not apply to wear out of the product due to its usual use.

Inappropriate product selection and the fact that the product does not meet your requirements can not be a reason for a complaint.

A an inconsistency with the warranty conditions for which the claimed claim can not be accepted by Mobiola, the following are considered:

Use of the product for a purpose other than that for which the product is intended (eg business) or non-compliance with the instructions for maintenance and operation of the product.
Damage to the product by a natural disaster, unauthorized person’s intervention or mechanical fault on the part of the buyer (eg when transporting, cleaning with unsuitable means, etc.).
Exposure to adverse external influences such as solar and other radiation or electromagnetic fields, fluid penetration, penetration of objects, network overvoltage, grid fluctuations, overvoltages or short circuits at inputs, outputs, voltages resulting from electrostatic discharge (including lightning), incorrect power supply or input voltage and inappropriate polarity of this voltage, the influence of chemical processes such as used feed cells etc. If any modification, design change, or adaptation has been made to change or extend the function of the product over the purchased version, for example because of its ability to operate in a country other than that for which it was designed, manufactured and approved.

If the serial number or warranty label on the machine is deleted or removed.

The usual use is considered to be the case where the product:

It is used with recommended, clean and unused magnetic, optical or other memory media. We are not responsible for any product defects caused by media used (including audio and video heads, optical sensors and other parts) as well as media that do not conform to standards adopted in the Czech Republic or contain a different structure of information than these standards allow. It is used with recommended unused accessories that are regularly exchanged (eg batteries). It is used in accordance with the laws, technical standards or safety regulations in force in the Czech Republic, including the signals used.

As an inconsistency with the purchase agreement, Mobiola is not considered:

Wear out of the product or parts of the product caused by the usual use of the product or part of the product (eg discharge of battery or reduction in battery capacity after the usual life of 6 months, wear of headphones and other accessories after the usual 3 month lifetime, etc.)

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