FREE display exchange guarantee

Stay calm thanks to MOBIOLA's comfortable care. In case of an accident, we will exchange broken display for FREE according to the simple rules.

Podmínky pro uplatnění (od 1.9.2017)

  • It can be applied once in the first 12 months of purchase of the phone by the end customer.
  • The phone must be protected by the original Mobiola protective glass from the purchase itself or up to 14 days after the purchase.
  • The fact is evidenced by a proof of purchase, indicating both the purchase of the phone, its IMEI and the protective glass itself, or a separate glass with the date of sale up to 14 days after the purchase of the phone. Applies to INTI, GAIA, PHANTOM.


Terms of use:

The product must meet the standard terms and conditions for warranty repairs (proof of purchase by a document, without oxidation and mechanical damage, or other matters contradictory to the warranty claim) except for broken glass or LCD. No other components may be damaged.

  • Send the product along with the documents to an authorized ATC Mobile service at your own expense.
    The ATC Mobile service will assess the claim and, if the conditions are met, the Mobiola costs will be rectified.
  • Subsequently, the product is sent back at the expense of the recipient (transport + cash on delivery of 130 CZK with VAT or 5 €).
  • The service intervention is registered as post-warranty at the expense of the manufacturer, not as a removal of the defect in the warranty period according to the rules of the Civil Code.
  • Due to mechanical damage to the product, keep in mind that using this service will not accept any additional warranty claims for the device.
  • The bonus in the form of a free LCD replacement is provided until the spare parts reserve is exhausted. In case of unavailability, the repair will not be performed and the voucher holder gets a 50% discount on the purchase of the new Mobiola. When using this discount, a broken device remains in the service center. In case of a refusal, the original product will be returned uncorrected without the possibility of further claims by the customer.

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