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Mom, when will you finally buy me my first smartphone? This question is encountered by many parents. Even Steve Jobs knew that using SMART devices, especially at a young age, can pose risks. Times have advanced, and research shows that everyday use of smartphones truly has a negative impact on mental well-being. And not just for teenagers. We introduce to you the safest communication device, MOBIOLA MB3010, for people and moments that truly matter.

Low price

The price is significantly lower compared to modern smartphones, making it perfect for beginners as well as those who don't want to worry about damaging or losing their mobile phone.

Compact dimensions

A pleasant and practical device with a 1.77" display and support for 2 SIM cards. Thanks to its minimalist design, it fits perfectly in the hand as well as in the pocket.

Talk, text and
get offline

With this feature phone, you or your child won't be distracted by notifications, modern games, and internet connectivity, which can be a risky place to spend free time. Moreover, you can focus on experiencing the real world.


This small assistant can also serve as an alarm clock, calculator, stopwatch, and calendar. The MOBIOLA MB3010 offers a camera, FM radio, audio player, and a practical LED flashlight.

The 600 mAh battery keeps the phone in standby mode for up to 200 hours and provides 10 hours of talk time.

With 32 + 32 MB RAM memory, you can store 500 contacts, 500 SMS messages, and if needed, expand it by an additional 32GB using a microSD card.

Key features

Compact dimension

Affordable price

2 SIM cards

Practical LED light

baterie MOBIOLA MB3010 dual sim

Long-lasting battery

MicroSD card 32 GB

Less product information

Dimensions and Weight

Height: 108.3 mm
Width: 49.3 mm
Depth: 13.9 mm
Weight: 72 g


Size: 1.77" QVGA
Resolution: 128 x 60 pix
LCD type: TFT


Contacts: 500 entries + SIM memory
SMS: 500 + SIM memory
RAM: 32 MB + 32 MB
Expansion: MicroSD (up to 32 GB)


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