Extended warranty

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Extended warranty rules for Mobiola smartphones

The total warranty provided by the manufacturer is 36 months (24 + 12), in other words it is 3 years

  • The first 24 months are provided according to the classic rules of the Civil Code and the next 12 months are bonus according to Mobiola rules.
  • The product must meet the standard conditions for warranty repairs (proof of purchase by a document, without oxidation and mechanical damage or other matters contradictory to the warranty claim).
  • Send the product to an ATC Mobile Authorized Service at the expense of the sender;
  • The authorized service of ATC Mobile will assess the condition and, in case of fulfilling the conditions for claiming, will repair the product itself at the expense of Mobiola.
  • In case that a claim for repair is recognized but the product can not be repaired (eg, non-availability of the spare parts), the customer will be offered a new model in similar equipment for a similar fee, with a 50% discount. In case of a refusal, the original product will be returned uncorrected without the possibility of further claims by the customer.
  • The extended bonus guarantee does not extend the statutory warranty period, and some of the rights allowed by the statutory warranty period (liability for defects according to the Civil Code) can no longer be exercised during this period and are governed by the applicable Mobiola rules.

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